Episode 223 - Azure Storage Options

by Cale Teeter April 6, 2018

Kendall, Cynthia, Evan and Cale discuss a fundamental feature of Azure - Storage! They talk about the various possibilities to store data in Azure and break down the use-cases for each of those options.

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Other updates:

Public preview: Event Hubs for Go


Microsoft peering on ExpressRoute Standard SKU now available

Microsoft peering with route filters is now available for Azure ExpressRoute Standard SKU. You can access Azure PaaS services, such as Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage, that are offered on a public IP address within the geopolitical zone of your ExpressRoute circuit. See more information about geopolitical zones.
As a result of this new functionality, can no longer create new Azure public peering configurations. Existing Azure public peering configurations will continue to be supported, though we recommend moving to Microsoft peering with route filters. 
For more information on this new functionality, see the documentation. 


New Microsoft Azure regions available for Australia and New Zealand
Two new Microsoft Azure regions in Australia are available to customers, making Microsoft the only global provider to deliver cloud services specifically designed to address the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand governments and critical national infrastructure, including banks, utilities, transport and telecommunications.


2018 Global Azure Bootcamp coming up April 21st, 2018
Global Azure is an unstoppable force of thirst for knowledge with 244 locations in 68 countries!

SQL Database: Long-term backup retention preview includes major updates

A flexible new way to purchase Azure SQL Database

Azure IoT Hub is driving down the cost of IoT

Azure DevOps Projects now supports Windows VMs as deployment targets (as opposed to Azure Web App, and Web App for containers) for ASP.NET and ASP.NET core web applications. This addition is the first of several planned expansions to Azure DevOps projects scenarios which allow developers to create full CI/CD pipelines in minutes from the Azure portal powered by Visual Studio Team Services. 

A new Azure DevOps project gives you a git repository with application code, automated CI/CD pipeline that for the written framework (.NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python), option to add SQL database, and application insight that monitors the application and helps diagnose issues and understand how the application is currently being used.



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