Episode 400 - A view from Azure's Core

by Evan Basalik October 27, 2021

On this special milestone of the Azure Podcast, we have none other than Girish Bablani, the CVP of Azure Core, to give us insights into the Core platform and provide some perspectives on the past and future of Azure.


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode400.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/VMkHHMgUoKI


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Episode 399 - Chain of blocks evolution

by Sujit D'Mello October 22, 2021

We talk to our very own Cale Teeter about the current state of Blockchain technology and how it is changing the way we deploy these networks in Azure and build applications.


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode399.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/_biNB9p5_Fw


Migration announcement to QBS -> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/action-required-migrate-your-azure-blockchain-service-data-by-10-september-2021/

QBS Preview -> https://consensys.net/quorum/qbs/

Quickstart for Developers -> https://consensys.net/quorum/developers/

NFT sidechain -> https://docs.palm.io/

Azure SQL Ledger -> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-sql/database/ledger-overview

Confidential Consortium Framework -> https://microsoft.github.io/CCF/main/overview/concepts.html


Other updates:

SpaceCows – using AI, space technology and cloud to protect the Top End – Microsoft Australia News Centre


Computer Vision Read API for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), part of Cognitive Services, announces its public preview with new languages including Russian, Bulgarian, other Cyrillic and more Latin languages. This release also highlight handwritten OCR support for many languages, along with enhancements for digital PDFs and Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) text in identity documents.


Join us on Azure IaaS Day: Learn to increase agility and resiliency of your infrastructure


5 reasons to join the Modernize Apps and Data with Azure and Power Apps free virtual event



The Enclave Device Blueprint for confidential computing at the edge



Public preview: Azure Spring Cloud RBAC config server and registry access and Nginx logs and metrics | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

General availability: Azure Spring Cloud application health monitoring and end-to-end TLS/SSL | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

Public preview: Visual Studio Code for the Web | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


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Episode 398 - Hear ye! Hear ye!

by Sujit D'Mello October 16, 2021

Evan and Sujit catch up on the flurry of Azure updates from the past week.


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode398.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/J0Vq3IGlTFY



Azure Automation Hybrid Worker Extension for Azure and Arc-enabled servers now in public preview


From <https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/automation-user-hybrid-extension-support/>


SpaceCows – using AI, space technology and cloud to protect the Top End – Microsoft Australia News Centre



AKS Related

Public preview: HTTPS proxy configuration support | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

Public preview: AKS support for WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) workloads | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

Enable Cloud Controller Manager (Preview) - Azure Kubernetes Service | Microsoft Docs

Public preview: IPv6 for Kubenet | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

General availability: Azure Monitor container insights for Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Microsoft says it mitigated the largest DDoS attack ever recorded (msn.com)




Utilize the Service Tag Discovery API to retrieve a list of Service Tags and corresponding IP ranges to easily configure on-premises firewalls and Azure resources.


Public preview: Customize Azure Static Web Apps authentication with a serverless function

Published date: October 13, 2021

You can now define a serverless function that is invoked whenever a user successfully logs in to your static web app. This function can assign custom roles to the logged in user. You can use these roles to configure route-based authorization rules; and other serverless functions in your app can also access these roles. 


From <https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/public-preview-customize-azure-static-web-apps-authentication-with-a-serverless-function/>





From <https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/azure-sql-public-preview-updates-for-october-2021/


Private Link is now available in preview for Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL, a managed service running the open-source Postgres database on Azure.


New centralized management experience for Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server in public preview

From <https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/new-centralized-management-experience-for-azure-hybrid-benefit-for-sql-server-in-public-preview/>


General availability: Azure Monitor application insights in Azure Spring Cloud | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


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Episode 397 - Capacity Reservation

by Evan Basalik October 7, 2021


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Episode 396 - How Vattenfall uses Azure

by Evan Basalik October 4, 2021

The team meets Vattenfall's Marcus Melin and Mikael Söderström to learn how they are leveraging Azure to help enable the use of renewable energy 24x7 by their customers

Also, be sure to go back and listen to the Sustainability solutions in Azure episode where the team first heard about Vattenfall from Conor Kelly.

Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode396.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/SgULg_YJT4k




Other updates:

Govern your data wherever it resides with Azure Purview


Azure Cost Management and Billing updates – September 2021


Building a digital guide dog for railway passengers with impaired vision



Azure IoT middleware for FreeRTOS in general availability | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 21.09 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


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Episode 395 - SAP on Azure

by Evan Basalik September 23, 2021

The team spends time with fellow podcaster Ravi Kashyap to learn more about running SAP on Azure and how to be successful doing so. 

Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode395.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/6fnmW845OA4



Ravi's book on SAP on Azure https://SAPonMicrosoftAzure.com  (special 15% discount code for our listeners MAAA15)

If you want to learn more about the book https://open.spotify.com/episode/4PQbtdLHB4eDWjJUHi4Hhy

Ravi's and Nathan's Podcast on SAP on Azure https://www.saponazuretalk.com/


Other updates:

Azure Backup provides packaged pre-post scripts for Oracle VMs that can be used to instantly backup, create instant clones, reduce backup storage cost, and performance impact.


Announcing the private preview of the Configuration and SAP Installation for the SAP Deployment Auto



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Episode 394 - Quantum Update

by Sujit D'Mello September 16, 2021


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Episode 393 - Behind the scenes

by Evan Basalik September 9, 2021

You might not guess how Azure thinks about investing in continually improving customer experiences. We talk to Azure Partner PM Scott Hitch about the work his team does to improve the time in takes to remediate your applications and resources in Azure.


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode393.mp3


YouTube: https://youtu.be/08mTqIr_-W0



Azure Advisor: http://aka.ms/azureadvisor

Service Health: https://aka.ms/azureservicehealth


Other updates:

Guarantee capacity access with on-demand capacity reservations—now in preview



Public preview: Automatic scaling with Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets flexible orchestration mode   -> Jerry Steele was on the show previously

Published date: September 07, 2021

We are announcing that we have enabled elastic virtual machine profile and automatic scaling for Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets with flexible orchestration elastic profile and automatic scaling. The features are now in public preview, and provide: 

• Up to 1000 instances in a scale set (general purpose virtual machine sizes only)

• Ability to manually add VM instances to the scale set

• The option to spread instances across fault domains automatically, or specify a fault domain

• Place on demand and Spot VMs in the same scale set

• (New) Define a VM profile and specify instance count

• (New) Automatically scale out and scale in based on metrics, schedule, or AI prediction (private preview)

• (New) In guest patching that respects high availability / FD constraints

• (New) Automatic extension updates

• (New) Automatic instance repair/replacement of unhealthy instances

• (New) Terminate notification for on demand and Spot VMs

• (New) Secure by default networking - customers must explicitly define outbound connectivity

• (New) Improved scale out and scale in reliability, latency, and elasticity







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Episode 392 - SQL Managed Instances

by Sujit D'Mello September 4, 2021


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Episode 391 - AI/ML for Process Automation

by Sujit D'Mello August 27, 2021

The team speaks with Nikhil Vimal from Chat Mode about different use cases where combinations of Azure services can be used to infuse AI or leverage machine learning into automating processes.

Media File: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode391.mp3

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYOmYhLbdyw



Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate RPA

Power Automate UI Flow

Power Virtual Agents (AI Chatbots)

Microsoft Teams Bots

Azure Bot Services


Microsoft AI Research


Genomics testing on the ISS with HPE Spaceborne Computer-2 and Azure

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