Episode 449 - Java Jakarta EE Applications

by Sujit D'Mello December 9, 2022


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Episode 448 - Azure and OSS

by Evan Basalik December 1, 2022

Sarah Novotny joins us on the show again, this time to tell us all about the collaboration that happens with Azure in Open Source Software.

Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode448.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/XwkyxBq0KL4











Other updates:

Azure Resource Manager — Migrating to TLS 1.2 with Deprecation of Outdated Security Protocols | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


General availability: DR secondary free with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Qualys SSL Labs - SSL Pulse


Public preview: Cross Subscription Restore for Azure Virtual Machines | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Public preview: Azure Bastion now support shareable links | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Public Preview: Use Azure Quota Rest APIs to manage service limits (quotas) | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


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Episode 447 - DDOS Protection on Azure

by Russell Young November 16, 2022

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Episode 446 - Security & L7 DDoS protection @ Edge, DNS Security, and Private DNS

by Evan Basalik November 13, 2022


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Episode 445 - SAP for Azure Landing Zone Accelerator

by Russell Young November 3, 2022

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Episode 444 - Azure Innovations

by Sujit D'Mello October 31, 2022

The team gets together with Mark Eisenberg, Cloud Solutions Architect and frequent guest on the podcast, to analyze the various Innovations in Azure that were announced my Mark Russinovich at the recent Ignite conference. The discussions range from data center hardware to quantum computing.

Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode444.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/8ycwq-PGl4g

Ignite session: Inside Azure Innovations with Mark Russinovich (microsoft.com)


Other updates:

Public preview: Microsoft Azure Deployment Environments | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Image Analysis 4.0 with new API endpoint and OCR model in preview



Azure Scales 530B Parameter GPT-3 Model with NVIDIA NeMo Megatron



App Service Environment version 1 and version 2 will be retired on 31 August 2024

App Service Environment version 1 and version 2 will be retired on 31 August 2024 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


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Episode 443 - 5G Modern Connected Apps

by Kendall Roden October 24, 2022


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Episode 442 - Azure IP Services

by Evan Basalik October 18, 2022


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Episode 441 - Databricks Accelerator for Azure Purview

by Evan Basalik October 12, 2022

The team catches up with the developers of the Databricks Accelerator for Azure Purview to learn when, where, and why you might use it.


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode441.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/W9Dyb6E5eKk


The Databricks to Purview Solution Accelerator Repo: microsoft/Purview-ADB-Lineage-Solution-Accelerator: A connector to ingest Azure Databricks lineage into Microsoft Purview (github.com)

Demo Deployment Quickstart: Purview-ADB-Lineage-Solution-Accelerator/deploy-demo.md at release/2.1 · microsoft/Purview-ADB-Lineage-Solution-Accelerator (github.com)

YouTube Video overview: Demoing the Azure Databricks lineage solution accelerator in Microsoft Purview - YouTube

The OpenLineage Repo: OpenLineage/OpenLineage: An Open Standard for lineage metadata collection (github.com)

OpenLineage + Purview Blog: Microsoft Purview Accelerates Lineage Extraction from Azure Databricks | OpenLineage


Other updates:

Public preview: 128 vCore option for Azure SQL Database standard-series hardware | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure - 415 GB of memory


Azure Basic Load Balancer will be retired on 30 September 2025—upgrade to Standard Load Balancer | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure




Azure Machine Learning—General availability updates for September 2022 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Azure Machine Learning—Public preview updates for September 2022 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Public preview: Azure Firewall Basic | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure  designed for SMB ; cost effective SKU



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Episode 440 - Azure and SAP - Better Together!

by Evan Basalik September 29, 2022

The team catches up with Holger Bruchelt to get an update SAP and why we now say "SAP and Azure" and not "SAP on Azure"


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode440.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/T70PrDkSQvI


https://microsoft.com/SAP - Overall picture at SAP on Azure

https://aka.ms/acss - This is THE central entry point for Azure Center for SAP Solutions

Overview and architecture of the SAP CDC capabilities (preview) - Azure Data Factory – this is the new SAP CDC Connector for ADF

https://youtube.com/SAPonAzure - our YouTube channel for SAP on Azure 


Other updates:

Public preview: Customer initiated storage account conversion | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Ignite - Oct 12-14th, UK will have some in person element in Manchester this year, and local events will also take place in France, Germany, Latin America, Japan and China;  Showcase of the latest innovations from Microsoft and partners.




Netapp Files now available in Korea South, Sweden Central

Cross-region replication now in Korea Central/south, North Central US, East US 2, France Central and West Europe;

Backup feature in public preview now expanded to SE Asia, UK South

https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/azure-unmanaged-disks-will-be-retired-on-30-september-2025/  Managed disks have now been available for several years (2017), and unmanaged discs are being retired - so you need to migrate before 30 sept 2025.  Advantages of managed discs include reliability, scalability, capacity, bursting, shared discs, etc.


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